5 Useful Tips to Overpower Your Enemies in PUBG



PUBG - WHEN PLAYERS HAVE 300 IQ (Genius Plays)

PUBG is gaining importance these days among game enthusiasts. Are you planning to play this game and wish to win over fellow gamers? Of course, most players wish this to happen. Here, let us explore some resources and tips. These resources will help you gain momentum in this game:

5 Useful tips:

1. With the help of the bulletproof frying pan, as the name implies, you can stop the bullet. Even, if a bullet hits the pan, you will stay safe with this tool.

2. You can make effective use of the bush to hide from enemies. In the desktop version of PUBG, if other players cut the graphics, they can see you. It will happen even if you hide in the bush. Yet, with a customized graphics setting in the mobile version, you can easily hide. When you hide and play, you can kill your enemies.

3. In PUBG, the faster you run, the faster you can attack your enemies. Also, quicker running will help you hide yourself from enemies. You should run quickly from one bush to another. You cannot run faster with many weapons in your hand and the backpack. So, to make a faster running, you can unequip your weapon. Just tap the weapon and it will unequip, so that you can run faster. Even, you can tap bomb if any in your weapon collection to run faster. If the zone control is getting near you, you can run faster by unequipping your weapons. It will help you get into the safe zone immediately.

4. The fourth tip is that you can make effective use of the eye icon. With this icon, you can hide from others. For instance, you can use this icon when you are hiding in the bush. Even, if you move into the bush, others cannot find you. Also, you can use this icon when you are getting down using the parachute. When you do this, you can see others getting down, while others cannot see you. Using this icon when you run, you can see whoever comes near you. You can suddenly attack them as well.

5. Another important tip to remember is that you should use dark clothes. Such a clothing will also help you hide from others. So, when you are gathering clothes immediately after landing, choose dark clothes alone. It is better to discard white and other bright colour clothing.

How about using a hack tool?

Not only the tools mentioned above, you can get many tools using battlegrounds hacks. Not only for resources, the best hack tool will also help players in other ways. For instance, some of the playerunknown's battlegrounds hacks will give some reward points. But, some hack tools have other kinds of reward system in place. The purpose of the best player unknown battlegrounds pubg esp is to help players. They can gain knowledge about the best hack tools from dependable forums online. With the great interest in this game, players would have shared their experience in the forums.

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